Walk On!

This summer, we’ll talk about how people (now and in Bible times!) learn so much getting from here to there. We’ll notice really cool things about each other, ourselves, and creation, and start making our own paths in God’s world. Let’s start walking


Summer 2017 Camp Programs


Campers tell us they can’t wait to come back as counselors. Here’s a camp to equip you with the practical and people skills necessary to answer your call to volunteer at Pinecrest and pass on your great experiences as a camper.


Teenagers want to hang out at camp, BUT they also need to check off some service hours before next school year. Bring your hammock and your swimsuit. We’ll have time for that. We’ll also do some work to get our camp ready for the kids! Do good. Start summer with a purpose. Hang out. What more could you ask?


Discovery Campers do ‘campy’ stuff: swim, arts and crafts, archery, biking, hiking, karaoke, night games…AND they go home more independent, more gregarious, more fit, more comfortable with the outdoors… just MORE. Our counselors ensure that campers make good friends, stay safe, learn who they are in God’s world, and have the best time.


Mini-Campers are excited to have a few nights of fun and adventure away from home. Sleeping in cabins with friends and highly trained, adoring counselors who ensure their safety makes for a great first camp experience! An experience so great that they can’t wait to return!


Journey into some dangerous unknowns for a week at Pinecrest! We’ll get into whatever risky endeavors the outdoors may bring… Fort building, or maybe a tree-house. Gaze into a puddle and watch as a tadpole becomes a frog. Discover where the Wolf River begins. Start a fire, grab a stick, and cook something. You’ll return home with all kinds of stories that will last a lifetime.


Dangerous Camp was new and COOL last year. Each boy went home with a chair he made all by himself! We’ll get into some dangerous unknowns (but not too dangerous) and learn a bit about the outdoors. There’ll be enough stuff here to tell some really great stories when you get home


This camp has sold out the last two years! Our middle schoolers like the extra freedom they get to plan their week. As a group, they meet to decide what activities they want to do. They might sleep a little late or stay up all night, but come daylight, they’re laughing and enjoying being around other great kids. (40 spaces available)


NEW for 2017 – Our ‘graduating’ middle schoolers begged for a High School Camp. They couldn’t imagine summer without climbing trees, singing karaoke, and Oscar (camp awards) Night. We listened. Sign up early. Space is limited.


You know that you grow closer when you road trip, right? We head to the Gulf Shores area and beach together, play together, talk, study, live (in gender specific areas!), shop, bowl, cook, watch movies…together. We become life-long friends who know and love God…together.


Pinecrest has been taking campers to E Tennessee and N. Carolina for 17 years now. Campers rappel, go spelunking, whitewater rafting on the Nantahala, paddling different crafts on the Hiwassee, swim in the Ocoee, tackle a ropes course, sleep in tents, and generally discover the outdoors. Great camp. Forever memories. (Fills fast!)


Realizing that families have different abilities to pay, Pinecrest offers a voluntary three-tier fee program. You know your family’s financial situation better than we do. Simply choose the tier that is most suitable or comfortable for your family. All campers receive the same Pinecrest experience, no matter which amount you choose to pay. As you consider your family’s financial situation, please also consider the true cost of camp.

Every Child Should Experience Camp

We believe that every child should experience the powerful impact that summer camp at Pinecrest provides, regardless of income. For this reason we also provide “Camperships” (our word for financial aid), so that no child is denied that experience because of financial hardship. If camp fees present a challenge for your family, please contact us at 901.878.1247 or email lucygc@bellsouth.net.