Protecting and Enjoying Dark Skies at Pinecrest

Pinecrest is an advocate for the preservation of dark skies.  Because just 100 years ago, you could see the Milky Way from anywhere in the world!  Because without light pollution, we are able to see the vast beauty of the night sky.  Because it’s healthier for human, wildlife, and plant life to reduce the effects of excessive lighting. Because dark skies does not mean dark streets.  Because we want to be a place for astrotourism and education in West Tennessee.  And because we want to continue to hear “wow, I’ve never seen this many stars!”

By working with the International Dark Sky Association, the Memphis Astronomical Society, Boliver Electric, local landowners, and dozens of individual supporters, we are improving our property lighting and providing new astronomy education experiences for the public.  Our current goal of becoming an International Dark Sky Park and astrotourism destination is in Phase 2 as seen below.  

Want to be part of the project?  Come join us at one of our Stargazers U-Night! events, support our fundraising efforts as we upgrade building egress lighting and educational signage, learn more through the International Dark Sky Association, or contact us with other ideas!  

Photo (left) credit: Milky Way View at Pinecrest by Ric Honey, Memphis Astronomical Society. 

In the colorful map above, Pinecrest is the small blue dot in the green area.  Green represents skies dark enough to see the Milky Way while brighter yellow, orange, pink, and red represent brighter skies respectively. 

Let’s keep Pinecrest in the green and improve our surrounding area!  Source: