A view of the Milky Way, Jupiter, and Saturn near Sagittarius. Sky glow to the northwest.   Photo by Ric Honey.

A dramatic view of the Milky Way and thousands of stars from the fields of Pinecrest.

Pinecrest is working to preserve the darkness of the night sky in West Tennessee by becoming an International Dark Sky Park (IDSP), a designation through the International Dark Sky Association.                                             

Maybe you’ve heard of eco-tourism, but have you heard of astro-tourism?  Pinecrest already brings out thousands of people each year through southern Fayette County, Tennessee.  With IDSP designation, we can increase that number through stargazing and educational programming. At Pinecrest, we find ourselves lost in the sea of stars among the dramatic Milky Way, which is often invisible in places with even moderate light pollution.  With transitions to increased and brighter outdoor lighting, we must work quickly to address the need to use warmer-colored LED’s and light shields to prevent an increase in skyglow in the area.

We are working with the  Memphis Astronomical Society to measure sky darkness at Pinecrest, where we can still see the Milky Way.  A dedicated intern is assisting with the Dark Sky designation proposal and lighting inventory.  We are also working with TDEC and other local organizations to strengthen our mission.  Local municipalities and businesses will also be a part of this project.

 We will also be hosting more public astronomy and night ecology programs. Watch for new astronomy programs and events in the future!

Donate Today
Want to help?  You can donate a streetlight today. The first 16 who donate can make theirs a memorial.  We will install a 4×6″ engraved plaque with inscription of your choice. 

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Learn more about the International Dark Sky Association here.

Pinecrest is still in the dark.  Let’s keep it that way!

Pinecrest is the blue dot. The green represents darker skies while yellow, red, and pink represent brighter and brighter night skies. Lightpollutionmap.info